Becoming a food entertainment destination.  

We hit 1 million TikTok followers with our food entertainment channel FLVR in less than 6 months.  The idea behind this whole food entertainment channel involving our brands as recipe ingredients was extremely simple, people use our products for recipes so we should show people making food with our recipes. That's it, and people love it.

Here were the rules when we started:

1) Make it for real humans (not marketers). This wasn't a "brand strategy" project – it's an entertainment and content strategy. Give the people what they want.

2) Move fast and experiment. Progress over perfection – the audience will determine what works best.

3) Don't overthink it.  Our fans were already using our products in this way – we’re here to encourage an existing behavior, not create a new one.

Our team has done an amazing job of not only making real food content that people enjoy but staying on the pulse of recipe trends by leaning into constantly evolving consumers and proving that real content for real people can drive business across the Frito-Lay portfolio of brands.