One Man’s Dream.

Tostitos has a fan named Dan who was pretty adamant that we bring back our Hint of Jalapeño flavor. He tweeted at us hundreds of times over the course of two years. So we did something about it.

We made a full length comic book where Dan, aka Hint of Jalapeño Man, acquired superheroic thumbs that were only good for one thing – tweeting at Tostitos.

We then had the internet help him get his beloved chips re-released for a limited time by using their own thumbs to mash that like button. Video of the full comic book below.

Creative Director: Matt Schaffer
Associate Creative Directors: Katie Renfroe, Sadie Caparelli
Copywriter: Joanna Stubbins
Art Director: Sara Cusumano

Editors: Greg Beninger, John Ortiz
Illustration: Alex Graudins
Music: Jim English